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DIY Bath Bomb Kit

DIY Bath Bomb Kit


Experience the joy of making hand crafted bath bombs! This DIY kit isn't just for kids - it is great for adults too.

Relax after a day of work, disconnecting from all stress and be worry free with a well-deserved reward, your own bath bomb for you-time. This kit allows you to make up to 15 bath bombs.

Kit Contains:
Citric Acid:  265 g
Baking Soda: 685 g
Kaolin Clay: 22 g
Secret Ingredient Bath Oil: 23 ml
Fragrance: 15 ml 
Color: red, blue & orange: 5 g
Mold: 3 sets
1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Instructions Sheet 


    • To make only 3 bath bombs, divide the amount of each ingredient by 5
    • Try different types of our Synergy Blend Oils for Stress Relief, Relaxation & Muscle Relief, etc.
    • Mix the colors for unique results
    • Try adding flower petals or herbs

The perfect gift for any occasion! 


This kit is suitable for beginners and children aged 8+ with adult supervision.