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Arctic reed diffuser refill 500 ml

Reed Diffuser Arctic


Inspired by the icy, cold weather of Northern Canada, Arctic Aroma is made with a blend that includes Peppermint, Spearmint and Anise essential oils.

Our Reed Diffusers bring Air Therapy to any space or moment. Using pure essential oils to affect moods and help take a pause, they will refresh your mood, clean the air and energize the soul. Our reed diffusers don't just mask odours, they clean the air by reconstructing the scent. These unique reeds act like micro mini straws that pull liquid up and release it into the air and can fit into small spaces.

Ingredients: Escents' aroma blend with pure essential oils, alcohol, glycol, ether, hexylene glycol.

How to Use: Dip the bundle of reeds into the aroma and then invert and place back in the vase. The saturated ends of the stalks will release the aroma into the air. To refresh, simply repeat the process weekly until the aroma is gone. Enjoy your favourite aroma for up to 6 months.

200 ml Bottle comes with Reeds.

Other options: Refill 500 ml