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Reed Diffuser Refill Rejuvenating 250ml



Discover buoyant vitality and vigor. Ignite your senses and animate wonder and playfulness in each joyous moment. Live life with Rejuvenating zest! Combining top notes of stimulating, refreshing citrus Bergamot essential oil and uplifting, euphoric  grapefruit  essential oil , this blend rejuvenates you; body, mind and soul. : Mind-Body Benefits:   Rejuvenating is an energizing essential oil blend  that can help with a number of physical and emotional needs and concerns, including depression/sadness , low energy,  fatigue , and negativity.

Our Reed Diffusers bring Air Therapy to any space or moment. Using pure essential oils to affect moods and help take a pause, they will refresh your mood, clean the air and energize the soul. Our reed diffusers don't just mask odours, they clean the air by reconstructing the scent. This refill is scented with our Rejuvenating aroma blend with uplifting Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oils.

Escents' aroma blend with pure essential oils, alcohol, glycol, ether, hexylene glycol.

Pour refill into empty clean reed diffuser bottle. Dip the bundle of reeds into the Rejuvenating aroma fluid and then invert and place back in the vase. The saturated ends of the stalks will release the aroma into the air. To refresh, simply repeat the process weekly until the aroma is gone.