100% Natural & Chemical Free. Naturally derived, handcrafted soaps that leave skin refreshed and smelling amazing. Pure bliss in every bar.

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The Magic of Escents' Natural Soap Bars

In our quest for a healthier, more natural lifestyle, the choices we make in our daily routines matter. From the foods we eat to the products we use on our skin, going natural has undeniable benefits. This is where the allure of natural soap bars comes into play, especially for those looking to nourish their skin with the gentle touch of nature's best ingredients.

What Makes Natural Soap Bars Special?

Escents' soap bars stand out for their commitment to 100% natural, chemical-free formulations designed to refresh and pamper your skin. These handcrafted treasures harness the power of naturally derived ingredients like coconut oil, palm oil, vitamin E, and essential oils, offering a blissful skincare experience. Whether you're starting your day or winding down, these soaps are perfect for both face and body, promising a clean, invigorating feel with every wash.

A Soap for Every Mood

Our collection of soap bars meets a wide array of needs and preferences, offering:

- Energy Soap - Infused with lemon and orange essential oils, this soap bar is perfect for those looking to combat stress and boost their immunity with a citrusy zing.

- Dew Drop Soap - A blend of ylang-ylang and fir needles, this bar brings a sweet floral scent paired with crisp, clean aromas for those seeking serenity.

- Matcha Tea Soap - For focus and inner peace, this bar combines matcha tea with the calming scents of lavender and lime essential oils.

- Tuberose Soap - This bar offers a rich, tropical fragrance with notes of salt, coconut milk, and gardenia, ideal for a summery vibe.

- Tahitian Vanilla Soap - A soothing mix of vanilla and ylang-ylang, perfect for calming and comforting moments.

- Rejuvenating Soap - Features bergamot and grapefruit essential oils, rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul with stimulating scents.

Each soap bar offers a unique sensory experience, addressing various moods and skin needs with natural, nourishing ingredients.

Exfoliation and Shaving: Natural Solutions

Beyond cleansing, our Exfoliating Soaps and Shaving Bars offer targeted solutions for smooth, clean skin and a comfortable shave. Crafted with natural ingredients and essential oils, these bars not only cleanse but also moisturize and protect, leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished.

Why Consider Natural Soap for Eczema?

For those dealing with eczema, finding products that don't irritate or exacerbate the condition is crucial. Natural soap bars, free from harsh chemicals, can be a gentle alternative. Ingredients like oatmeal and essential oils in our Wellness Soap work to soothe and moisturize the skin, providing relief from dryness and itching.

The Escents Difference

At Escents, we believe in the power of nature to heal and revitalize. Made with care and passion, our soap bars embody our commitment to quality and natural wellness. So choose natural — choose Escents for a nurturing, sensory experience.