Scentless Chemical Free Carriers- 20% off blend your own aroma into your choice of base!

100% Natural & Chemical Free bases, carefully designed for sensitive skin using only naturally derived ingredients. No parabens, no sulfates, no DPG, no Phthalates, no animal testing  - only ingredients born from nature. Vegan & Gluten free. Use the scentless products as they are, or customize your own products by adding your favorite aroma blend or essential oil. 

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Explore the Purity of Escents' Unscented Body Care

In a world where the quest for pure, skin-friendly products is ever-growing, Escents leads with its Unscented Body Care line. Crafted with meticulous attention, this range stands out for those who seek the essence of nature in its most genuine form. It's a sanctuary for sensitive skin, embracing 100% natural, chemical-free bases that promise effectiveness without compromise.

Essential Oil Blends — Your Skin's Best Friend

Why choose between nature and nourishment? Our Unscented Body Care allows for a unique experience — the addition of natural essential oil blends. These blends bring forth the opportunity to customize your care routine, making it tailored just for you. Imagine the best essential oil blends meeting our nourishing products – it's a match made in skincare heaven.

Products Crafted for Every Need

- Hand & Body Lotion - Scentless - Bid farewell to dryness with our non-greasy formula. Avocado oil and shea butter deliver deep moisture, offering the freedom to infuse your preferred essence through essential oil blends.

- Body Butter - Scentless - Enjoy profound hydration without the weight. Organic shea butter and cocoa butter sink into your skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

- Soap - Scentless - Clean without removing your skin's natural protectants. Our soap honors your skin's natural state, providing a soft touch for those who value simplicity.

- Shampoo - Scentless - Elevate your hair's health and luster. Coconut oil and chamomile extract clean while nurturing your scalp, perfectly harmonious with the natural world.

- Wash & Bubble - Scentless - A multifunctional gem, acting as a hand wash, shower gel, and bubble bath, enriched with coconut oil and chamomile extract for a genuine refreshing moment.

- Deodorant Spray - Scentless - Our aluminum-free deodorant wards off odors effectively, with the option to add your personal essence through essential oils.

- Facial Serum - Scentless - A powerful night treatment that enriches your skin with fatty acids and vitamins. Customize it with essential oils for a skincare regimen that's all your own.

- Roll-On - Scentless - A nourishing base ready for your chosen essential oils, providing care and comfort wherever you are.

Carrier Oils — The Backbone of Tailored Care

Our carrier oils are the quiet stars of personalized care. Almond, grapeseed, and rose hip oils naturally answer your skin's specific desires. Whether aiming for hydration, firming, or healing, these oils are perfect on their own or combined with essential oil blends. They're your foundation for crafting the ultimate natural essential oil blend for skin care.

Why Unscented Body Care?

Opting for unscented body care is not just about avoiding fragrances but about choosing purity and simplicity while still having the chance to customize. Whether you're adding a drop of your favorite essential oil blend or using these products as they are, you're selecting a path of gentle, effective care.

Escents' Unscented Body Care transcends mere products; it embodies a belief. It champions a return to the basics, where nature-derived ingredients suffice to nourish and defend. It's for those who value the essence of simplicity, enriched by the magic of customization. Step into this realm of pure, personalized care, where prioritizing your skin's health is our main goal.