About Escents

Founded in 1992, Vancouver-based company and North America’s premier leader-in-scent, Escents Aromatherapy provides natural essentials for the body, mind and home with unique, industry-leading scent selections along with the first-to-market custom blending experience.

With over 60 retail locations worldwide, Escents Aromatherapy provides the largest and most diverse selection of scent in North America with an international presence in Asia. Escents’ essential oils are 100% natural and sourced from all over the world with blending done locally in Canada. We offers over 500 bath, body, wellness and home fragrance products.

Our Founder

Escents Aromatherapy Founder

Jacqui MacNeill, CEO & Founder

Jacqui MacNeill, a Vancouver native, an outdoor enthusiast, and lover of all things nature, first discovered essential oils while travelling at the age of 23. She began to study the benefits of plant-derived ingredients and was amazed by the power essential oils have to heal, inspire and transform one’s body and mind. Jacqui had found her true passion.

That passion would later be the key ingredient in surviving her largest life obstacle: suffering a life-threating seizure while 38 weeks pregnant with twins and undergoing two brain surgeries.

Scent has been scientifically proven to improve memory, generate positive feelings by triggering past sensors, and assist in the generation of hope and positivity. It allowed Jacqui’s body and mind to enter a state that allowed true healing to begin and flourish. After 12 years and countless months of in-hospital recovery, Jacqui cannot imagine her journey without the power of scent and knowledge of essential oils.

Today, Jacqui has grown the Escents Aromatherapy brand from one standalone kiosk to an international brand with over 60 retail locations across Asia and Canada, a growing eCommerce presence, and expanding wholesale offerings, including a partnership with Air Canada, Eva Air and Hello Kitty Air.

The Escents goal is to be the global leader in scent, natural wellness, and plant-based personal care products.