Room Sprays & Body Mists- Chemical Free to re-structure air and eliminate tough bacterial odour

100 percent pure aromatherapy room sprays that will quickly deodorize and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Use as a quick spritz of holistic bliss on the go or want to freshen up a room before meditating, driving or cleaning, our room sprays are perfect.

Imagine all of the little bacteria in the air dealt with with one spray.  Antibacterial, will re-structure the aroma in a room and eliminate bad smells, won't just cover up but will restructure and eliminate unpleasant odours.  Escent’s  room sprays and body mist keep bacteria away.

Elevate Your Space With Aromatic Room Mists

Transform your home into an aromatic haven with the simple press of a nozzle. Escents Room Mists bring the essence of nature's tranquility, energy, and purity into every corner of your life. Crafted for those who cherish the ambiance and well-being that come from a beautifully scented environment, these room sprays are your ally in creating a personalized oasis of comfort and charm.

A Burst of Nature with Every Spray

Why settle for ordinary when you can infuse your living spaces with extraordinary scents that do more than just smell good? Escents Room Mists are designed to elevate your environment in an instant. Using 100% natural essential oils, these sprays offer a pure, chemical-free burst of fragrance that can transform the air around you, freshen up linens, and even add a welcoming aroma to your clothes and closets.

Lavender's Soothing Embrace

Indulge in the calming aura of Room Mist Lavender. Each spray releases a cloud of lavender fragrance, renowned for its ability to soothe the mind and spirit. Perfect as a luxury linen spray, it wraps your bedding and fabrics in a gentle, soothing aroma that invites relaxation and peace. It's your go-to for a serene home atmosphere.

Yoga — A Scented Journey to Zen

Find your center with Room Mist Yoga. This aromatic masterpiece combines the serenity of Jasmine with the grounding essence of Sandalwood, crafting an environment that supports meditation and relaxation. Ideal for those moments when you need to turn your home into a tranquil retreat, it's like having a personal zen garden accessible with just a spray.

Awaken Your Senses with Rejuvenating Citrus

Revitalize your surroundings with the zesty energy of Room Mist Rejuvenating. Infused with the uplifting scents of Bergamot and Grapefruit, this aromatic room spray is a wake-up call for your senses. Use it to bring a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere to any room, perfect for when you need a natural boost to your day.

Night Time — Drift into Dreamland

Prepare for restful sleep with Aroma Mist Night Time. This blend of Lavender and Chamomile is your nighttime companion, creating a soothing ambiance that encourages deep, peaceful sleep. Spray it around your bedroom or onto pillows and bedding to transform your nighttime routine into a ritual of relaxation.

Your Signature Scent with Scentless

Create your own fragrant masterpiece with Aroma Mist Scentless. This unscented mist offers a blank canvas for you to add your favorite essential oils, allowing you to craft a personalized scent that perfectly suits your mood and preferences. It's an invitation to explore, blend, and discover the power of scent in creating your ideal atmosphere.

Germs Away — Cleanliness with a Fresh Twist

Embrace the dual benefits of cleanliness and fragrance with Germs Away Mist Breeze. This room and linen spray doesn't just refresh the air with its Bergamot and Oakmoss aroma; it also offers natural disinfecting properties, ensuring your spaces are beautifully scented and hygienically clean. It's the smart choice for a fresh, germ-free environment.

Why Choose Escents? Because You Deserve the Best

In every bottle of Escents Room Mist is a promise of purity, quality, and a journey to sensory bliss. We believe in the power of nature to transform everyday spaces into realms of joy, relaxation, and invigoration. Choose Escents Room Mists to elevate your home, mood, and moments. It's not just about fragrance; it's about creating memories, one spray at a time. Embrace the essence of life with Escents.