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We don’t normally think of an orange as having an essential oil, but like everything, we can benefit hugely from the oils extracted from the rinds of this fruit. When you’re sick you’re always told to eat more vitamin C. Orange is usually the first thing you grab.

Even before the full effects of an ailment come on, you load the fridge with the round fruit so you can fend off whatever is about to take over. Its scent is a great addition to products like soaps and lotions as it leaves a fresh, tropical feeling behind.

Did you know there’s a reason these feelings are left with you?

Did you also know that using orange essential oil, in its purest form, can create and evoke so much?

Happiness - Orange essential oil acts as an antidepressant. You imagine beaches, vacation, and a cool breeze on a warm day. Its properties boost your mood and keep happy thoughts flowing.

Detox - Juicing has become such a fad lately, for weight loss, detox, and so much more. Certain fruits are easier for the body to digest and help push other build-ups through the system helping with excess and constipation. Add a few drops of the oil into smoothies for a boost of citric flavor and a little extra help.

Aphrodisiac - While mild, the properties of orange essential oil can boost the libido. A little extra love increases happiness so this is a double benefit!

Anti-Inflammatory - This essential oil increases blood circulation which acts to reduce inflammation.

Beautiful Skin - When diluted, rub a little oil over any part of the body to increase the production of collagen, a result of the increase in blood circulation. It’s also shown to help fight acne and is safe on sensitive skin.

Cleanse - It isn’t just great for you personally, orange essential oil is proven to cleanse and deodorize wood. Have you noticed all of the wood products that include orange even if it is just for the scent?

Relieve Stress - Just the smallest hint of orange can do wonders to calm and relax your body and mind. Use in a diffuser and inhale!

Improve your Mood - Just a few drops in a diffuser can enhance your mood and combat boredom. Place a drop in your palm, cup your hands to your nose, and inhale slowly several times.

Cure the Chills - Add 2-3 drops onto a soaked, warm cloth and notice how much quicker you start to feel better. Do the same for fevers using a cool cloth instead.

Mouth Health - Just 2-3 drops mixed with a bit of water and use like a mouth wash, rinse and spit. The acidity fights gingivitis and mouth ulcers.

Orange essential oil is the perfect addition to any essential oil supply. Its benefits are so wide that it’s multi-functional and worth every penny.

We use it for so many things I wouldn’t know where I would be without it!

~Jacqui & Escents Team

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