Do You Suffer From Technological Stress?

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Today's pace of life is so much more intense and diverse than that of our parents or grandparents. Take the working mom for example. The mothers of 1-2 generations ago did not have the technological distractions of cell phones, computers and iPads to compete with.
Nor did they have the challenge of trying to detach children from electronic devices to ensure they learned the simple social skill of looking somebody in the eye during a conversation.
We live in an age where technology is the norm. Your life plays out in the palm of your hand, only it isn't your hand we are referring to, it's your cell phone.
Signs of technological stress can present as:
  • Anxiety, loss of sleep, insomnia
  • Irritability, headaches, loss of sleep
  • Unfocussed, lack of productivity, distracted

Technology is everywhere, 95% of the population owns a smartphone. We use them to stay connected to loved ones, check the weather, surf the web, add calendar and agenda items, check email, pay bills, watch videos, listen to music.... the list is literally endless. But what is it doing to our brains? What is it doing to our bodies?

  • Causes perpetual distraction
  • Destroys work/life balance
  • FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out"
  • Social Comparison

What can you do to detox from technology?

It is proven that smartphone and multimedia usage is directly related to anxiety and poor cognitive function. So, what can we do to avoid digital-related stress?

The first thing is to take an audit of your techno time. There are apps that will report your daily or weekly screen time on your smartphone. Or you can keep a log for an entire week and see where your time is spent connected or disconnected.

  1. Techno Audit - determine your usage patterns
  2. Set Boundaries - create rules for turning gadgets off. No phones at the dinner table or when talking with family and friends.
  3. Set Email Limits - with emails in your pocket, it is hard to ignore. But determine what time you will check your last email for the day and reply, then resist the urge to check again until morning.
  4. Get Outside - it is scientifically proven that fresh air, a brisk walk or exercise can help reduce stress and therefore, anxiety-based toxins in the body.
  5. Relax - Use the healing powers of essential oils, try a diffuser while working to reduce anxiety or headaches. Diffusing Night Time blend for end of day unwinding will help induce sleep, as will using our Roll-On blend on the temples and bottoms of the feet.

roll on head-aid escents aromatherapy

We are seeing a generation that has forgotten how to "go outside". Whether it is to wash the car, walk the dog or cut the grass, we need to remind ourselves of the need for life, work, and healthy balance. Take the time to go to a yoga class, kick that soccer ball with your daughter and be mindful in your day to day life with technology...... and regulate yourself accordingly.
Learn to harness the power of essential oils in your life, at Escents, we make it simple to take them on-the-go as well. Tuck your headache remedy in your purse, put your sleep roll-on beside your bed or diffuse anti-anxiety blends such as Relax or Detoxify in your Diffuser.

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