The 5 Best Places To Spritz Your Favorite Room Mists

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Essential oils aren’t just meant for diffusers or roll-ons—misting these scents throughout your home can provide you with the benefits of aromatherapy and a more pleasant smell.

However, misting a space isn’t always simple and may require some creative thinking. Check out our guide on the five best places to spritz your favorite room mists.


Curtains hold scents exceptionally well, making them the perfect way to freshen up a room. However, curtains also operate as a natural, diffuser-like dispenser of fragrances. By opening the window and allowing a breeze to enter your home, you can consistently disperse essential oils in the air. The breeze subtly carries in the scents.

Entrance and Shower Mats

Floor mats might seem like an impractical place to spritz, but they’re actually excellent at retaining scents. First and foremost, these items are among the dirtiest within a home. Residents and visitors alike step on entrance mats with their dirty shoes, day after day, bringing in bacteria from the outside world. Over time, these mats become quite stinky, which is not something you want lingering around near the front door.

Shower mats are another problem area in the home that can benefit from spritzing. They get wet every day, which means they could harbor mold that both stinks and is potentially harmful to your health. So next time your mist the house, ensure you don’t forget the mats.

Rugs and Carpet

Like mats, our rugs and carpets accumulate bacteria and odors over time. If you have a pet who’s had an accident on your carpet or rugs, this too can make your floors stinky and unpleasant. If you want to quickly and effectively scent a room, make sure you cover these surfaces. Walking on spritzed carpets and rugs slowly releases essential oils, making it an alternative to lighting a candle.

Blankets, Pillows, and Linens

Many people focus on properly scenting their bedrooms, employing diffusers on the bedside table to ensure a relaxing night’s sleep. If you want to truly increase the effectiveness of your room mist, consider spritzing the bed.

Specifically, lightly cover blankets, pillows, and sheets. These materials retain fragrances throughout the night. Additionally, mist other blankets and soft furnishings throughout the home, like couches and upholstery.

Cotton Balls

Sometimes your essential oil room spray needs help to cover a larger space—that’s where cotton balls come in handy. You can lightly spritz a few cotton balls and place them discreetly in every nook around a room.

This can be under the couch, behind a corner, on a bookshelf, or inside of décor items. They’ll provide a pleasant fragrance for around a week or so. Ensure your cotton balls are inaccessible to pets and small children.

Use this guide on the five best places to spritz your favorite room mists to ensure better results. By taking advantage of certain areas and materials that retain scents, you can freshen up even the largest of spaces. If you’re looking for a new mister or fragrance, consider our excellent selection here at Escents.

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