10 Aromatherapy Basics Beginners Should Know

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If you’re looking to start a healing journey that benefits your soul, body, and mind, here are 10 aromatherapy basics beginners should know before using essential oils.


Before you dive into the world of aromatherapy, it’s recommended that you take time to identify the reasons why you wish to begin this journey. Essential oils aren’t just for remedying chronic mental, spiritual, or physical ailments, so it’s important to know what you seek through this practice. Simply ask yourself, “Why am I using essential oils? What am I hoping to get out of aromatherapy?”

Once you understand the issues that are bothering you, you can seek treatment targeted specifically to those ailments. Some fragrances or application processes are more suited for different problems. For example, using a lavender roll-on is a great way to deal with anxiety, but it won’t help you if you’re looking for a boost in overall energy.

Ask the Experts

Aromatherapy is one of the safest methods for treating issues, but it isn’t without its own hazards. Ultimately, essential oils are comprised of concentrated plant matter, some of which may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. These side effects may present as skin rashes and even respiratory complications.

Some people can control the amount of essential oils they use daily to avoid these issues, but others might need to steer clear of specific oils altogether. At the end of the day, consulting with a trusted doctor to determine which treatment is right for you is always best.

Additionally, get a second opinion from an aromatherapy expert. They’ll have experience and knowledge concerning essential oils, which many traditional doctors may lack. Once you know your medical needs, an aromatherapy veteran can point you toward the best products and application methods. With the information you’ve gathered from these two parties, you’ll have a more accurate and beneficial aromatherapy experience.

Get a Starter Kit

Once you’re officially ready to stock up on oils and application appliances, you’ll find an oversaturated market with endless options—this can be very overwhelming. The easiest way to start an aromatherapy journey without wasting money on useless products is to invest in a quality starter kit. These kits come with a small selection of basic essential oils for you to try. Additionally, they often include helpful information regarding mixing oils and finding the perfect blend, better educating your next purchase. Starter kits are also great for effectively storing all your vials in one place.

Ultimately, the best starter kits are from reputable vendors that use only the best materials with no chemical additives. Consider our top-of-the-line essential oils starter kit, which makes understanding aromatherapy a breeze!

Buy Your Devices

Now it’s time to purchase your application or diffusion devices. The most common of these products are diffusers, which are machines that steadily disperse fragrances into your immediate air. A majority of people are familiar with ultrasonic diffusers, which look like humidifiers and use vibrations to distribute scents. However, there are many other variations that also effectively provide you with aromatherapy. Heat diffusers such as salt lamps or melters work more slowly and offer a relaxing alternative to diffusion. Some devices, such as clay pot and reed diffusers, dispense even more slowly and are perfect for scenting rooms throughout the house. Plus, they’re visually appealing and make for great décor pieces. If you’re unsure of which kind of diffuser is right for you, consult an expert and try out a few different products.

Don’t Forget “On-the-Go” Items

The best aspect of aromatherapy is that you can practice it no matter where you are in the world. Most people have great setups in their houses, but essential oils are easily transported and perfect for dealing with the stressors of the outside world. Roll-ons are products that you can use to apply oil directly to the skin, to clothing, and to rock jewelry. Purchase some roll-ons to bring your favorite oils with you while you’re working or running errands. We offer excellent car diffusers that will keep you both calm and alert when you’re driving, too!

Learn About Carrier Oils

We’ve mentioned carrier oils a few times on this blog, as casual aromatherapy users often misunderstand them. If you’re just starting out on your essential oil journey, it’s important to understand what carrier oils are and why they’re so important.

For starters, these oils are diluted, so they contain small to no amounts of plant materials. Additionally, they’re usually scentless. You mix your favorite essential oil with a carrier product to create a safe concoction for skin application. This will prevent any adverse reactions to otherwise highly concentrated products.

Proper Storage

Now that you’re fully loaded with excellent aromatherapy products, it’s important that you understand how to properly store your essential oils. Oils react to light, heat, and oxygen. Overexposure to these elements causes chemical changes that may cause the products to lose their potency. In some cases, these chemical changes may make your oils more irritating to your skin. Keep your bottles and vials stashed in a dark area such as a closet or box. Keep lids tightly secured and the room temperature controlled, right around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Create a Schedule

One aspect of aromatherapy is creating a routine so that you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils at the right time of the day. For instance, you may prefer to wake up to citrus fragrances that boost alertness and energy. At night, it’s best to use soothing oils such as lavender that promote better sleep and relaxation. Figure out what schedule works best for you, and commit to a solid routine.

Scent Your Home

Scenting your home with essential oils is a great way to maintain clear, fresh air and enjoy aromatherapy benefits. Candles are always solid choices, but the fumes may be harmful, and open flames are fire hazards. Instead, use misters, diffusers, or oil-soaked cotton swabs around the home to keep your sanctuary clean and peaceful. Reed diffusers are also great options for the bathroom and kitchen.

Supplement Your Journey

Ultimately, aromatherapy is all about healing your soul, body, and mind. Essential oils are great tools for becoming present and well, but you should also consider supplementing your practices with other holistic methods. For example, you could use essential oils while meditating to achieve a deeper connection and relaxation.

Take time throughout the day to reflect on your mental, physical, and spiritual growth—this will increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of your aromatherapy. Converse with fellow essential oil–users and learn about their experiences, which might aid your own journey.

By knowing the 10 aromatherapy basics beginners should know, you can more accurately and enjoyably use essential oils to heal. Consider our collection of beneficial products for all your aromatherapy needs.

10 Aromatherapy Basics Beginners Should Know

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