Scentless Bases Are The Perfect Product For Your Custom Blending Needs

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The key to every good recipe is quality ingredients and DIY body products are no exception. This is where Escents comes in, with our all natural scentless bases - the first step in all of our scented products. The best part is that we offer these scentless bases on our website direct to you as well.

These scent-free options are perfect for use as-is for those sensitive to smell but interested in quality, natural body products that have been proven over several decades with our customers.

Not just that, but these bases can also be custom scented by you! Simply purchase the size you want, the aroma blends, essential oils or synergy blends you love and combine them directly to the exact strength you need. Carefully add a few drops, shake, smell and repeat until the final product is perfect. Make several options to choose from and save money by buying bases in bulk and breaking them down into a variety of containers to create multiple different blends!

Unsure what you want your product to smell like? This is the perfect time to create your own signature scent. Combine a couple of your favourite essential oils a few drops at a time in a clean container. Add more if you want to make one stronger or add an additional oil if you'd like another note. Keep track of your drops so you can recreate your blend in future. Use your final scent in your unscented base (start with combining a little bit of base and oil and build up from there to avoid wasting any). Since our bases are so easy to use and all natural, you can use them every day and smell exactly how you feel that day by having multiple different custom blends available to choose from. The options are endless!

A bit about our products:

· Phalate Free
· Sulphate Free
· Phosphate-Free
· Cruelty Free
· Vegan*
· Paraben- Free
· Laurel Sulfates
· No Mineral Oil

*exceptions apply

Use the chart below to help identify the recommended amount for your unscented base product. You can also reach out to us with questions at

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