10 Ways To Use Essential Oils Around Your Home

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Aromatherapy is fantastic for the body and mind, but essential oils can also be used around the house to create a tremendous smelling space.

Most people know the great natural benefits of aromatherapy, and they use essential oils daily to stay present and mentally healthy. However, those same oils can also do wonders for your living space, maintaining cleanliness and promoting fresh fragrances. Every nook and cranny in your abode has aromatherapy potentials, so use this list of ten ways to use essential oils around your home to get the most out of your lovely products.

Diffusers in the Bedroom

This is the most popular way of reaping the benefits of aromatherapy, and most holistic enthusiasts probably have a diffuser in their bedroom right now. For those who don’t, diffusing essential oils allows health-boosting scents to permeate within a space. Keep a device in your bedroom since aromatherapy is known to help form proper sleeping habits.

Pro tip: Fill your diffuser with lavender or chamomile oils, which are the best for promoting relaxation.

Natural Diffusers in the Bathroom

Bathrooms, by function, are prone to keeping unpleasant smells. Since these spaces typically lack adequate counter space and outlets, throwing in a mechanical diffuser to combat odors is tricky.

Instead, natural diffusers with reeds or clay containers automatically dispense essential oils without the need for electricity or really any counter space. Reeds slowly disperse scents as they transfer oil through themselves, and clay allows for natural permeation. These products last a long time and add elegant décor to your private place of “business.”

Cover Up Odors in the Kitchen

Spending hours preparing a fantastic meal loaded with robust flavor is a great way to connect with friends and family while enjoying quality cuisine. However, some foods leave behind a strong scent for potentially days. Fortunately, there’s an excellent method for combating lingering smells before you’re even done cooking!

Simply simmer a small pan with a tiny amount of water on the stove and throw in a few drops of essential oils—cinnamon and cloves work best. The scents won’t overpower your meal and should keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Keep Carpets Fresh

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, smelly carpet. They’re unseemly, full of unpleasant scents, and cost a ton to get professionally cleaned. Essential oils effectively keep carpets fresh, meaning you don’t have to worry about the smell factor of old rugs.

Combine ten drops of essential oils (any kind works) with 200 grams of baking soda. Let the mixture sit in an airtight container for a couple of days, then spread the finished product around your carpets—they’ll be smelling brand new in no time.

There’s also a way to make cleaning a better experience. For this method, place a few drops of lemon of mandarin essential oils onto a small piece of tissue and put it in front of your vacuum cleaner. The natural diffusion of aromatherapy boosts your mood when conducting tedious housework—that’s an essential oil win-win!

Use It for Laundry

If you’re an eco-friendly kind of person, you probably steer clear of cleaning chemicals for laundry. These products are harmful to your clothing, the environment, and your wallet. Luckily, essential oils have a much more minor carbon footprint and leave your clothing smelling just as pleasant. After you transfer a load into the dryer, drop some essential oils onto a rag and toss it in with the rest of your clothing.

Pro tip: Less is always more for clothing.

Create an Essential Oil Air Freshener

Another chemical that costs a lot and harms you and the environment over time is spray air fresheners. Avoid buying these products by purchasing a sustainable spray bottle and filling it with a DIY aromatherapy solution.

Combine fifteen drops of essential oil, a half teaspoon of alcohol, and enough purified water to level out the fragrance. The best oils for this method are citrus ones or rosemary for stronger cover-up jobs.

Clean Up After Your Pets

Our beloved furry, scaled, or winged pets are valued members of the family. However, they also leave behind certain smells that are not welcomed in the house. To protect the well-being of your family and animals, avoid using chemical agents to mask their natural odors.

Instead, make a solution in a bucket and use it to mop up any messes or smelly areas. The water should be warm or hot, and make sure to keep your pets away from the site as it drys.

Ward Off Pesky Pests

While pets are welcomed in the confines of our homes, pests are not. Some essential oils do an excellent job at keeping small animals and insects out of the house without the need for harmful toxins.

Bugs, specifically spiders, absolutely hate the feeling and smell of peppermint oil, so disperse this scent in areas where pests frequent, like the corners of a cabinet, doorways, and your wardrobe. You can use a lightly soaked cotton ball or an essential oil-filled spray bottle.

Add Aromatherapy To Your Closet

Sometimes, we want the benefits of aromatherapy while out and about without lugging around essential oil products. You can infuse essential oils within your clothing and carry their fragrances with you throughout the day. Just add two drops of relaxing essential oil onto a cotton ball and leave it in the corner of your wardrobe.

Put It in Your Shoes

Having a mudroom is a great way to keep your stinky shoes away from your nose, but they can’t stop your kicks from smelling at all. Sure, you can purchase scent-dispensing products that neutralize scents, but those are not sustainable and contain chemicals.

Instead, use the natural fragrance of essential oil to combat persistent smells. You can use a lightly soaked cotton ball or drop the oil directly into the soles of your shoes.

With this guide on the ten ways to use essential oils around your home, you can naturally enhance your living experience without breaking the bank, harming your family, or hurting the environment. Get creative with utilizing these essential oils and find the fragrances that you love the most! Escents proudly carries aromatherapy products that effectively accomplish these methods, while also boosting your mental health and physical well-being.

10 Ways To Use Essential Oils Around Your Home

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