Calgary Herald, February 2016

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Aromatherapy offers
on-the-road tonics

Fragrances can transport us back to our favorite holiday spots: the salty sea air of the coast, pine trees of an old growth forest, the fragrant frangipani of a Hawaiian lei. These aromas can also provide the therapeutic remedies we may need when we’re far from home. Escents Aromatherapy offers dozens of essential oils, sourced from around the world, many used alone or in products for skin care, or designed for a variety of maladies. For travelers prone to digestive troubles (too many tacos or margaritas in Mexico), there’s a peppermint or fennel concoction. Sunburned after too many hours at the beach? Try a concoction of patchouli, lavender, chamomile and peppermint. Step up to the blending bar and get a custom product made in your favorite scent and for whatever ails you at home or on the road. The nifty Wellness Trio Blends, that treat everything from headaches to the sniffles is also a handy essential in our carry-on bag or purse.

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