The Queen of Essential Oils - Rose Oil

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Roses are a big part of our culture’s imprint on love. For many centuries, this ancient flower has been used in aromatherapy. These imprints are seen on texts, stories, poems and myths about celebrating love, devotion and even strengthening the mind.
On May 31st, 2011, I travelled to Turkey and there I experienced first-hand the processing of Rose Oils. In Isparta and Burdur, I learned and understood how Roses were taken care of, cultivated, harvested and extracted into 100% pure essential oils. To say it was an amazing experience for and Aromatherapist is an understatement.
Imagine sitting amongst a warehouse of Rose Petals, all handpicked by local migrant “gypsies”. Seeing how the essential oil was distilled and enjoying Rose Jam and Tea, I realized this beautiful plant is truly a Queen.

Rose oil or Rose Otto is known as the “Queen of Essential Oils”! A single drop of rose oil is worth about five dozen of roses. It talked 60 thousand Rose Petals to make one ounce of Rose Otto.

At Escents, we have many products with Rose essential oil, but to make it more affordable we usually mix it with a carrier, creating our 10% Rose Oil. We also do sell it pure, but it is awfully expensive.

One of our most popular aromas is our Love Aroma Blend. It is a combination of Geranium, Rose and Petitgrain essential oils with a little Pachouli to give it a base note. I blended this Aroma about 29 years ago and it is still a huge favorite!

Rose Oil and Health Benefits:

Skin: helps regenerate dead skin to give a more youthful glow

Emotional: Helps with grief, sadness, mourning by opening the heart to forgiveness

Natural Beauty Tip:

Add 5-7 drops of our natural and 100% pure Rose Oil into our restorative Vital  serum; it nourishes, tones and regenerates the skin’s natural processes and will help reduce skin redness and inflammation.

Thoughts From Escents Founder, Jacqui

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