Coming Together to Help & Support

Posted by Laura Pop on

Hi Everyone,
Our hearts feel devastated by the terrible attack in Ukraine.
I am part Ukrainian and our Marketing Manager's home country Romania is beside Ukraine with the threat of war next door.
We felt that we needed to show support and help the best way we can.
I am sickened by the atrocities that are happening in Europe; we have all suffered and are now just coming out of a Pandemic, while the news are horrifying once again.
We will donate 1% of all our sales to the organization Razom (which means "together" in Ukrainian) whose mission is providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians.
In addition, Escents will donate to Razom 100% of all sales of our Calm Aroma blend - a comforting and relaxing scent.
Please forward our messaging to your connections, the hope is that we here in Canada can and will contribute to help our family in Ukraine.
Jacqui Macneill
Escents Aromatherapy Founder

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