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100% Natural & Chemical Free. NEW SCENTS! Deodorants carefully crafted. Aluminum free and derived from the purest ingredients and essential oils, including Tea Tree oil to effectively eliminate odours and bacteria. Read more about Switching to natural deodorant 

Step Into a World of Freshness With Deodorants Infused With Essential Oils

Begin your day on a wave of invigoration and purity with Escents, introducing a transformative approach to personal freshness: deodorant enriched with the healing touch of essential oils. These aren't merely another deodorant you find in stores—they are your invitation to embrace the natural over the synthetic.

Nature's Own Odor Busters

Ever wonder how you can keep body odour at bay without resorting to harsh chemicals? The secret lies in nature's own arsenal. Essential oils are not just for their enchanting fragrances but are nature's anti-odor champions. From the robust antibacterial prowess of Tea Tree to the soothing whispers of Lavender, these oils work harmoniously to keep you smelling great. Rather than masking odors, they neutralize them at their source.

Spritz, Smile, and Savor the Day

Reimagine your deodorant routine with our essential oil-infused sprays. These are a burst of joy under your arms, a protective mist that dances around you, leaving trails of freshness wherever you go. Whether you're rushing to a meeting or taking a leisurely stroll in the park, a simple spritz ensures you're covered.

Discover Your Signature Scent

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Our deodorant lineup is a palette of scents designed to cater to every mood, occasion, and personality. Feel invigorated with Grapefruit, find serenity with Lavender, or ground yourself with Oak. Each scent tells a story, your story, turning the mundane act of applying deodorant into a moment of self-expression.

A Promise Carved in Nature

We at Escents believe in the power of purity. Our commitment is to offer you a deodorant that not only respects your skin but the environment as well. Aluminum and harsh chemicals are out; natural ingredients and essential oils are in. This is our pledge to you: a deodorant that's as kind to the planet as it is to your skin.

Turn Every Day into an Adventure

Let's change the narrative around personal care. With Escents' deodorants infused with essential oil, applying deodorant becomes an act of joy, a declaration of how you choose to face the world, fresh, confident, and unabashedly you.

Embrace the essence of nature. Embrace the essence of you!