Tips for Creating a Peaceful Environment

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Whether you’re juggling a career and family, school and job, social life and responsibilities, or any other combination of goals and tasks, it’s easy to feel stressed out. Stress is a leading factor of many health issues, and it seriously impacts your happiness. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself and take loving steps to minimize your stress. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is create a calm and peaceful environment in your home. Follow our tips below to turn your home into a relaxing escape.

Use a Diffuser to Purify Your Air

With colder months approaching, we’re spending more time indoors, breathing in recycled air. Poor air quality increases stress and is taxing on your immune system; which is why it’s super important to purify the air you breathe. Fortunately you can detoxify the air with a diffuser and 100% pure essential oil. Diffusers break down pure essential oils into a very fine mist, neutralizing chemicals, bacteria and viruses! It also freshens the air with natural scents, eliminating the need for synthetic, harmful air fresheners!

Our natural blend, Yoga, made with comforting Jasmine mixed with balancing Sandalwood helps to increase awareness, compassion and insight - it is a great choice to create a Zen space for any Yoga lover.

Use Essential Oils to Minimize Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on the immune system and increases your chance of developing heart disease. One of our favourite essential oils for reducing stress is Chamomile Roman essential oil. We all know Chamomile tea is great for relaxation and sleep – and, of course, Chamomile Roman essential oil offers the same benefits, by calming down the nervous system and lowering blood pressure! Use Chamomile to reduce anxiety and dispel lingering anger.

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Indoor Plants

Whether it’s because of long working hours or colder weather, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors, disconnected from Mother Nature. If spending more time outdoors isn’t an option for you, why not bring nature inside? Not only do indoor plants brighten up a room, they are shown to improve mood and filter polluted air!

Clean and Declutter Your Living Space

Piles of laundry and endless To Dos are exhausting and can interrupt your flow – both your ability to move and your ability to think. That’s why it’s super important to keep your space clean and organized. Clearing away clutter helps you make healthier choices, improve your relationships, and even boost your workout! Cleaning is also a great way to channel and reduce stress!

Add in Personal Touches

An uninspiring or boring living space can reduce motivation and increase stress levels. A fun and easy way to invite new energy and life to any space is by adding your own personal touch to it! To create a calm and comfortable atmosphere, decorate your space with items that are meaningful to you. A great way to start is with pictures of family members and loved ones to make you feel more at home and to inspire happy memories.

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