8 Gift Ideas For Teens

Posted by Laura Pop on

Finding the right gift (or any gift) for a teenager can be difficult but we have some ideas that can help.

1) Escents Lip Balms

Enhance your lips with this natural lip balm containing Shea Butter and vitamin E to condition and moisturize.

2) Rejuvenating Hand & Body Lotion Stick mBalm

A rich moisturizing body balm that glides onto your skin for hydration. A Stick Balm lotion with shea butter, hemp oil, grape seed oil and jojoba. Scented with our Rejuvenating aroma blend with uplifting Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oils.

3) Tea Tree Hydrosol Toner

100% Pure Tea Tree Hydrosol and toner helps balance, calm and heal irritated and stressed skin. Tea Tree essential oil can help control imperfections for blemish-free skin.

4) Lavender Wash & Bubble

This gentle wash has a 100% natural base made with Coconut oil that helps skin retain moisture and Chamomile Extract that smooths and softens the skin. Scented with skin soothing Lavender essential oil.


5) Blemish B’Gone Gel

This acne treating gel works hard but is gentle on skin, helping to clear up any signs of acne with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling good. Contains Tea Tree & Lavender essential oils, which kill bacteria and germs without damaging skin.

6) Body Mist Energy

Fight Fatigue and boost energy with the refreshing and energizing scents of Orange and Lemon. Mist lightly onto body to freshen, moisten, and sooth skin.

7) Essential Oil Necklace or Bracelet

Let them carry their favourite essential oil with them everywhere they go with essential oil jewelry.


8) Mini Bath Bomb Set

Watch your worries fizz and bubble away. Vitamin E and baking soda help heal and soften your skin. Relax and enjoy inhaling the benefits of this bath treat.


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