Is It Safe To Use Essential Oil Diffusers in Your Car?

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Is It Safe To Use Essential Oil Diffusers in Your Car?

Essential oil enthusiasts fill their spaces with the proper tools to enjoy aromatherapy benefits. If you're one of these individuals, you probably have a diffuser in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or all three! Some people even dab a few drops of oil onto rock bracelets and carry their favorite scents with them all day long.

We spend a significant portion of our lives in our cars, where pleasant fragrances are helpful combatants against the stresses of driving. However, there are many myths out there that lead people to wonder, "Is it safe to use essential oil diffusers in your car?" Not only is essential oil diffusion completely safe for vehicle use, but it may also actually improve your driving experience.

Diffusers Won't Fog Up Your Car

The biggest concern for people considering a car diffuser is the possibility of increased fog, which can limit their visibility and cause a potential hazard. In truth, a USB-powered device won't produce the same amount of mist as your home setup, so the threat of increased fog is quite unlikely.

In more extended periods of use, your diffuser might begin to obstruct your view. If this happens, simply turn on the heat, ensure the A/C is on, and switch off the air circulation button. This will instantly clear up your windows and allow you to enjoy your aromatherapy session once again!

Aromatherapy Leads to a Smooth Ride

Since a USB car aroma diffuser poses no threat of obstructing visibility, why not incorporate aromatherapy into your driving life? Essential oils can help manage stress and boost alertness, two significant aspects of driving. Popping in a few drops of peppermint or citrus-blend oils will give you a pep in your step each time you get behind the wheel.

Plus, peppermint is perfect for alleviating any symptoms of motion sickness, so it's ideal for a long trip with the whole family. Lastly, eucalyptus and lemon oils help clear foul smells and early morning congestion when combined.

Diffusers Are Small and Subtle

Another worry of many individuals thinking about adding a car diffuser to their aromatherapy arsenal is that the device will prove to be a distraction. Unlike your device on the bedside table, a vehicle system is far smaller and out of your sight.

In fact, you'll be more aware of the oil fragrances than the diffuser itself! Escents carries hanging aroma pods, cupholder-sized USB plugins, and even vent clip-on products that are quite subtle.

Now, you’ll longer wonder, "Is it safe to use essential oil diffusers in your car?" In truth, essential oils only help keep you safe and comfortable when hitting the open road. Consider our impressive line of quality fragrances and dependable diffusers for all your aromatherapy needs.

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