Stress Relief

100% Natural & Chemical Free. Our stress relief collection offers a gentle yet effective way to manage stress, promote relaxation, and support overall well-being. Incorporating these products into your daily routine can help you navigate life's challenges with greater ease and resilience.

Learn about our Stress Relief inhaler from Oprah herself: Dr. Oz's Worry Cures

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Unwind & Thrive With Escents' Stress Relief Range

In a whirlwind world where deadlines chase us in our dreams and to-do lists never seem to end, stress has become our unwelcome shadow. It's like carrying an invisible backpack filled with rocks — it weighs us down physically and messes with our mojo mentally. But here's the good news: kicking stress to the curb might just be a whiff, roll, or soak away. Welcome to Escents' stress relief haven, where natural remedies meet your daily grind.

Sniff Away the Stress

Ever wish you could just sniff away the anxiety? Your wish comes true with Inhaler - Stress Relief. You can call it a pocket-sized superhero that, with one deep inhale, sends signals to your brain saying, "Chill, we got this." Packed with the pure power of Neroli and Bergamot, it's your go-to for instant calm in the chaos of deadlines and traffic jams.

Roll-On, Roll Off Stress

Think of Roll-On Stress Relief as your personal stress eraser. Glide it over your temples, neck, or wrists, and feel the tension melt faster than ice cream in the sun. Whether you're about to face a crowd or combat end-of-day exhaustion, this blend of Neroli and Bergamot oils is like a calm breeze in a bottle.

Essential Oil Blend Is The Magic Potion

In the kingdom of calm, Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend reigns supreme. It's your versatile knight in shining armor, ready to be diffused, dabbed, or diluted. Create a serene sanctuary or wear it as a perfume; it's aromatherapy that adapts to your needs, turning your home or office into a stress-free zone.

Bathe in Bliss

Dive into relaxation with Massage & Bath Oil - Stress Relief. It's an escape route from the mundane to the sublime. The sweet almond and jojoba oils leave your skin whisper-soft, while the serene scent of Neroli and Bergamot lifts your spirits. Perfect for a pamper night or a soothing massage, it's your ticket to tranquility.

Bubbles of Joy

Wash & Bubble - Stress Relief a mood makeover in a bottle. Turn your shower into a waterfall of joy and let the blend of coconut oil, chamomile, and essential oils wash away the worries. Whether it's starting the day on a positive note or washing off the day's stress, these bubbles bring back the bliss.

The Scented Whisperer

Let Reed Diffuser - Stress Relief be the guardian of your peace. It's like having a personal aromatherapist, quietly transforming your space with scents that soothe the soul. Whether you're zenning out at home or setting a calm ambiance in your workspace, this diffuser is a constant reminder that peace is just a scent away.

Cleanse with Calm

Soap - Stress Relief takes the simple act of washing and turns it into a mini-retreat. Infused with Neroli and Bergamot, it's a bar of pure, calming bliss. Suitable for all skin types, it's like sending your senses on a spa day, every day.

Fizzy Therapy

The Bath Bomb - Stress Relief is your personal fizzy therapist, ready to bubble your stress away. Drop it in the bath and watch as the water turns into a potion of relaxation, with Vitamin E and baking soda to pamper your skin and essential oils to soothe your soul.

Salt Soaks for the Soul

Bath Salt - Stress Relief offers a mineral-rich retreat for your body and mind. Dive into a bath infused with Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, and Epsom salts, coupled with the uplifting scent of Neroli and Bergamot. It's not just a bath but a voyage to the heart of relaxation.

In this hustle-bustle world, Escents invites you to pause, breathe, and embrace the art of living stress-free with natural oils. A little help from nature's finest can transform your daily routines into relaxation rituals. Stress? Consider it handled.