Top 5 Places To Apply Roll-On Essential Oils to Your Body

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If you’re getting into aromatherapy for the first time or are a long-time fan, it’s important to understand the uses of roll-on oils. These products are applied directly to the skin, absorbing and distributing the oil to the rest of the body. Here at the top five places to apply roll-on essential oils to your body.

Behind the Ear

Your head is a great place to try roll-on oils! If you suffer from regular headaches, stress, or anxiety, consider applying your product behind the ear. This location on your head has a permeable section of skin so that aromatherapy can be fast-acting and effective. The mastoid pressure point is located here, which may cause fatigue, dizziness, or even insomnia when inflamed.


Temples are another highly permeable area of skin found on the head that is perfect for essential oils. Temples are actually “pulse points,” meaning your blood is extremely close to the surface of your skin. In the event of dizziness or a headache, rub oils on this area to relieve tension and overall pain. It’s also a great spot for aromatherapy if you suffer from motion sickness in the car.


There are other “pulse points” on the body outside the temples. The inner side of your wrist is where your radial artery lies, where a large volume of blood passes through. Take advantage of this fact and apply your roll-on aromatherapy oils around this area.

Plus, this artery produces heat, meaning your essential oils will absorb even quicker, and the fragrances of the product will be more noticeable.


The clavicle, or collarbone, is a flat bone that runs between your shoulder blade and sternum. It’s pronounced and relatively close to your nose. This makes it an excellent spot to enjoy your aromatherapy through absorption and inhalation. It’s also good for clearing out congestion or remedying a nasty cough. Roll oils onto your clavicle to keep your favorite fragrances with you for the entire day.


The bottom of your foot has very soft skin, big pores, and no hair – in other words, it’s excellent for absorbing essential oils! With little to no obstacles, oils penetrate the skin fast and effectively. There are also over 70,000 nerve endings located in that area, so essential oils can quickly remedy foot pains. Consider rolling on this spot to relax after a long walk or run.

It’s not every day you can learn about the top five places to apply roll-on essential oils to your body and get a quick anatomy lesson! Roll-ons are valuable aromatherapy tools that can be pretty effective. We offer many quality roll-on products here at Escents for all your essential oil needs.

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