Hand & Body Lotion, Butters, & Balms

100% Natural & Chemical Free. NEW SCENTS (Solid Hand & Body Lotion)! Natural Hand & Body Lotion carefully designed using 100% naturally derived ingredients with pure & natural Essential Oils. Nourish and repair dry skin. This non-greasy lotion absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth. With 100% naturally derived ingredients including Avocado oil that locks in moisture and deeply nourishing Shea butter.

Luxurious Skincare with Hand & Body Lotions, Butters & Balms

In the rhythm of everyday hustle, carving out moments for self-care isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. Escents transforms these fleeting moments into a lush experience for your skin, blending the purest natural ingredients with the enchanting essence of essential oils. This curated collection of Hand & Body Lotions, Butters, & Balms is a love letter to your skin, promising nourishment, rejuvenation, and a touch of luxury without a hint of greasiness.

Why Your Skin Craves Natural Care

Choosing natural skincare is like choosing a path of wellness and gentleness for skin, using Mother Nature's finest ingredients. Our range of natural skincare products stands out because they are crafted with ingredients that are kind to your body. Avocado oil, a hydration hero, and shea butter, known for its deep nourishing properties, come together in formulations 100% free from harmful chemicals. This blend not only hydrates but also repairs, nourishing your skin deeply and gently.

A Toast to Rich, Creamy Body Butters

Imagine wrapping your skin in a blanket of moisture that's rich, creamy, and utterly indulgent. That's the promise of Escents Body Butters. Crafted with a lavish blend of organic Shea and Cocoa Butters, kissed by Vitamin E, your skin is treated to an unparalleled hydration fest. With scents ranging from the calming Lavender, the invigorating Breeze, the bold Brave to the soothing Stress Relief, there's a jar of bliss waiting for everyone. Slather it on post-shower and watch your skin come alive with softness and a glow that speaks volumes.

Hand & Body Lotions — Your Daily Silken Touch

Light, airy, and oh-so-smooth, Escents Hand & Body Lotions are like a gentle caress for your skin. These potions, infused with the goodness of avocado oil and shea butter, meld into your skin, offering hydration that feels as light as a feather. Scented with nature's best, including Coconut Haven, Energy, Arctic, and Breeze, they're your daily ritual for skin that's not just seen but felt. A dollop after your bath and your skin is ready to face the day, soft, supple, and smiling.

Spray Lotions — A Hydrating Whisper

For those moments when time is fleeting, but your skin's thirst is real, Escents Spray Lotions come to the rescue. A misty burst of coconut milk and quinoa seed oil, these sprays are a whisper of moisture, delivering hydration and vitality with each spray. Choose from the comforting Almond Latte, the cheerful Happy, or go Scentless for a pure moisture embrace. Quick, easy, and effective—hydrated skin is just a spritz away.

Solid Hand & Body Lotion — Moisture on the Dot

Always on the move? Escents Solid Hand & Body Lotion is your go-to for targeted hydration that doesn't skip a beat. This clever little stick is a moisture powerhouse, ready to melt into your skin on contact. Perfect for addressing those dry patches on the fly, it's hydration that travels with you, ensuring your skin is never left wanting. With options like Love, Lavender, Dew Drop, and Breeze, it's like having a personal hydration assistant in your pocket.

Bug Off Body Balm — Nature's Guard

Step outside without a second thought with Escents Bug Off Body Balm. This natural formula is a fortress against insects, blending the might of lavender and lemongrass oils. It's your summer shield, keeping you protected without resorting to harsh chemicals. With this effective insect-repellent balm for the body, you can embrace the outdoors and enjoy the freedom of natural protection.

Escents' skincare line is not just about moisturizing — it's about immersing your skin in the luxury of nature's finest, making every application a ritual of care and love. With our range of Hand & Body Lotions, Butters & Balms filled with the goodness of essential oils, you're not just nourishing your skin but embracing a lifestyle that celebrates purity, wellness, and the sheer joy of being enveloped in nature's embrace. Let your skin revel in this blissful care and witness the transformation to a more radiant, healthy, and joyful you.