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Germs Away Bundle - Breeze


Fight germs naturally and nourish your skin with this combination of Germs Away Hand Wash in Grapefruit (with Tea Tree) 500ml, and Germs Away Mist in Breeze Aroma Blend 250ml.

Naturally clean and disinfect with the unwinding scents of Bergamot and Oakmoss in our Germs Away Mist in Breeze. Eliminates odours and kills 99% of bacteria on contact. Use on hands, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, yoga mats, fitness equipment, inside shoes, or anywhere germs may be lingering. 100% Natural and Biodegradable.

    Purified Water , Musa Paradisiaca (Banana Bark)* , Fragrance (Escents' Breeze Aroma Blend Including Bergamot and Oakmoss Essential Oils)* , *Plant Derived