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Outdoor Body Spray 125 ml. / 4.2 fl. oz.


Enjoy the outdoors with this 100% natural blend of Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils. Together, these oils provide all over protection and coverage in the great outdoors, soothe irritated or itchy skin, and relieve tired, inflamed muscles. Mist all over before taking off on your next outdoor adventure!

Aqua , Poloysorbate 20 (Olive Oil)* , Poloysorbate 80 (Olive Oil)* , Alocohol Denatured (Wheat/Corn)* , PEG-8 , Capryl Glycol (Palm) , Penoxyrthanol , Parfume (Escents' Outdoor Aroma Blend Including 100% Pure Lemongrass & Lavender Essential Oils)* , *Plant Derived