Escents Aromatherapy - International & US Orders

Top 20 Fan-Favourites Collection


This bundle includes one of each of our Top 20 products for you to try out.


Bundle includes:

1 x Argan Bath Oil Stress Relief 250ml

1 x Aroma Mist Night Time 180ml

1 x Bar Soap Arctic

1 x Bar Soap Tea Tree

1 x Bath Bomb Breathe Easy (large)

1 x Bath Bomb Relaxation (large)

1 x Body Butter Coconut Haven 200ml

1 x Breeze Aroma Blend 15ml

1 x Cold Sore Relief Gel 25ml

1 x Deodorant Spray Yoga 125ml

1 x Hand & Body Lotion Tahitian Vanilla 500ml

1 x Inhaler Stress Relief

1 x Lavender Bulgaria 15ml

1 x Leave In Conditioner Breeze 125ml

1 x Lip Balm Shea Butter Mojito

1 x Massage & Bath Oil Muscle Relief 100ml

1 x Roll On Head Aid 9ml

1 x Roll On Love 9ml

1 x Shampoo Bar Vitalize 90g

1 x Wash & Bubble Rejuvenating 500ml


Total for all items bought separately (before discount codes or promotions) = $362CAD.