Your Guide To Essential Oils: How To Scent a Room

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Aromatherapy is not just a holistic alternative to conventional therapy. Today, it’s widely accepted that certain scents offer our bodies and souls valuable benefits. Whether you’re battling a cold, fighting against distressing emotions, or looking for ways to be more present in life, essential oils are an easy way to achieve peace of mind.

The past few years stuck at home have led to countless individuals beginning their aromatherapy journey, meaning that many out there are still mastering essential oil tips and tricks. If you’re more of a novice, here is your guide to essential oils and how to scent a room.

The Basics

The tried-and-true method for completely scenting a room with your preferred products is utilizing diffusers. These devices come in various sizes and function in different ways, but ultimately, they disperse misty clouds of pleasant fragrances into the air. For aromatherapy beginners looking to freshen up small, medium, or large rooms, investing in a few different diffusers is a must. Below we explore the different types of essential oil diffusers.

Water Diffuser

This design is the most common diffuser form, as well as the perfect product for novices. Water is poured into the basin of this model with a few drops of preferred essential oils. When plugged in, ultrasonic waves diffuse and disperse pleasant scents out into the air. A water diffuser can produce plenty of aromatic mist clouds throughout a space, and the device can run for many hours.

Terracotta Diffuser

These diffusers are entirely natural, so there’s no need for power or nearby outlets. Typically in the form of clay bottles and pots, you simply combine some water and essential oils into the basin. Because the product is clay, scents organically permeate through the walls and throughout the room. The smell is less noticeable, and it can take a long time for total diffusion, but they’re a great option as a décor piece for a bathroom or office.

Reed Diffusers

Much like their terracotta contemporaries, reed diffusers are not reliant on power. Instead, a handful of wooden sticks, or reeds, are placed into a small-necked container. Over an extended period of time, oil in the basin travels up the reeds and naturally blends with the surrounding air. These diffusers are an excellent alternative for candle lovers since the scents last for weeks, and there’s no chance of accidental fires.

Salt Diffusers

Those lovely pink salt lamps found in many people’s homes do more than simply light a space. In fact, Himalayan sea salt is an excellent diffuser. Simply place a few drops of your preferred scent and turn the device on. Salt lamps draw in water vapor and microorganisms like bacteria and mold away from the air when heated up. They also diffuse oils into the surrounding space, leaving cleaner, better-smelling air!

You can’t go wrong with any of these diffusers, and by combining a few options, you can reach maximum results!

Helper in the Kitchen

Sometimes you’ll need to quickly freshen up a room with essential oils, and that’s typically in the kitchen following a great meal. Cooking in its own way is relaxing for the body and mind, but the food aromas can linger for days.

A preemptive method for combating long-lasting dinner smells is by using essential oils on the stove. Pour a small amount of water into a pan and let it simmer. Lastly, drop in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The kitchen will smell fresh throughout the cook, and in almost no time at all! This technique is also great for people with open kitchens connected to other common areas.

Dry and DIY

There are great at-home methods for dispensing fragrances over time for those who want a scent to last in a room for many days or weeks. Among them is dry evaporation, which only requires essential oil and a cotton swab!

Simply place two to four drops of your preferred product on three to five cotton swabs. The scents will last for an extended period and naturally diffuse with airflow. Place them in discrete places throughout a room, like in a bowl, behind a book, near a windowsill, or in a pillow—just make sure no animals or small children can stumble upon your swabs. Since you can add little DIY diffusers to every nook and cranny, this method is perfect for large rooms.

Instant Results

Aromatherapy is all about healing our bodies and souls, but sometimes, we need that therapeutic intervention at a very particular moment. In layman’s terms, essential oils need to work with our schedules. Using the stove trick is always great, but for more precise results, consider an essential oil fragrance spray.

Like any other spray bottle, these products efficiently dispense beneficial fragrances to any area of your choosing. You can quickly freshen up a room in seconds before a quick meditation session or a night in with friends.

Focus on spraying items like your couch, pillows, and other cloth objects. This is more effective than simply spraying into the open air. Escents’ room misters come in all your favorite essential oils and range from larger bottles to quick spritzers.

Your Car Counts, Too!

While not technically a room within the house, our cars are often the second most occupied space of our lives. We spend countless mornings and evenings commuting to and from work, and these drives often test our minds. The stress of jumping out of bed and rushing out the door sets up a less productive day.

To counteract these negative emotions and associations, consider a car diffuser. Our automobile aromatherapy products range from USB-powered misters to slow-diffusion vent plug-ins. These items easily freshen up a car’s cabin and help promote alertness and energy.

With your guide to essential oils and how to scent a room, you can effectively maintain fresh, beneficial air throughout your home and automobile. Aromatherapy is an essential part of many people’s days, and having a steady supply of fragrance is a great way to stay physically and mentally alert. You can combine these methods for ultimate results. For all your essential oil needs, consider our high-quality aromatherapy products.

Your Guide To Essential Oils: How To Scent a Room

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